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PRIM by Michelle Elie
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PRIM by Michelle Elie

Designer Michele Elie’s kaleidoscopic experiences as a model, a stylist, a Cordon Bleu chef, and a street style star, have transformed her into a uniquely inventive artist/artisan who fashions big ideas into small treasures. In 2010, she launched Prim by Michele Elie, a line of beautifully articulated bags and jewelry. Elie, who believes that the most disparate elements can add up to the perfect accessory, finds inspiration everywhere – at flea markets and cemeteries; in the culinary creations she studied in Paris; in her African Haitian roots; and even in architecture. ‘‘I like putting different ingredients together in the right mix,’’ she explains. Her latest collection, Scarpa, pays homage to the Italian Modernist architect, Carlos Scarpa. While it is challenging to apply the precepts of large-scale architecture to small-scale jewelry and bags, Elie finds it stimulating to work with limited space and dimension and she imaginatively marries shape to detail in a wholly original way. “The collections are very detail-oriented and quite intricate because I am obsessed with telling a story and providing impeccable craftsmanship,” she says. Elie lives in Cologne, Germany with her husband and three children.

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