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Collina Strada
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Collina Strada

Hillary Taymour, the dynamic creative force behind Collina Strada, describes the raison d'être of her eco-friendly line in one word. “Leather: I live and breathe it—literally my entire home smells of leather.” She was the toddler who could ride a horse before she could walk. And when she could walk, she ran straight to the stable on afternoons and weekends. It was the happy place where she could spend long hours riding and grooming horses, and taking care of her saddle and boots. Her equestrian experiences, the center of her young life, informed her philosophy when she became a designer. “I know a lot about leather—how it gets worn in and how to treat it,” she explains. “I had an Hermès saddle and custom-made boots growing up. I had to polish and take care of them, so I definitely learned how to make leather look nice. I think it gave me a little bit more of a classic aesthetic.” Taymour believes “there’s give and take between being trendy and being tasteful. I don't want my clothes to be fussy. It's about rethinking and reshaping normal, basic essentials but keeping them wearable." More than simply “wearable,” Collina Strada leathers fit like a second skin. “I’m focused on creating styles that you’ll still want to wear in five years,” Taymour promises, but it is more likely that her extraordinary leathers will be worn for a lifetime.

Collina Strada is already known for its line of handbags, but has slowly been incorporating clothing into its lineup. Known for manipulating organic, soft fabrics into structured, geometric shapes, the clothes — like the bags — mix leather and chiffon, opaque and sheer, into a hard-meets-soft mash-up in the form of mix-and-match pieces that are fun to wear, too.

Travel: I am always on the road it helps me stay grounded. I gain inspiration from different cultures around the world and am often overwhelmed by landscapes. I find beauty everywhere. This is where I design all the prints for the collection. I also never go on a trip without my Collina Strada novella backpack. Chic, eco-friendly fashion.

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